Controller Area Network

Controller Area Network

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Hi there..

        I am trying to locate papers below:

(1) David J. Arnett, Intel Corporation "A High Performance Solution for In-vehicle Networking - Controller Area Network (CAN)", SAE 870823

(2) Sigfried Dais and Michael Chapman, Robert Bosch GmbH "Impact of Bit Representation on Transport Capacity and Clock Accuracy in Serial Data Streams", SAE International Congress and Exposition 1989, SAE 890532

(3) Heikki Leppanen, Kone Corporation "Performance Analysis of Non Destructive of Bitwise Arbitration Protocol"

(4) Uwe Kiencke, Sigfried Dais and Martin Litschel, Robert Bosch GmbH "Automative Serial Controller Area Network", SAE International Congress and Exposition 1986, SAE 860391

(5) Uwe Kiencke and Sigfried Dais, Robert Bosch gmbH "Application Specific Microcontroller for Multiplex Wiring", SAE 870515

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1. Stand-Alone CAN-Module (Controller-Area-Network)


I write my Diplomawork and look up for a small extension a small
CAN-Module that it
permits an adjustable resistance over the CAN-Bus to control. The
OR-Computers offers a Compact ACN module with 24 similar outputs.
This module is excessive for my application.Does someone have an idea or
can a company call itself
drives out?
Thank you!

Best regards

Andreas Dieter

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