Freelance Artists Wanted!

Freelance Artists Wanted!

Post by Rick Vanne » Thu, 07 Sep 2000 19:38:12

We're a UK development team working for a well know CD Rom publisher and are
looking for * artists to help us create a large database of game
objects that will be used in a new 3D game making project. Work is already
underway and we need two more artists to help with the large workload. The
projet's term is from now through to next February/March.

You must be able to demonstrate an ability to quickly create quality low
polygon results in 3D Studio Max.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Rick Vanner


1. Freelance 3D artist available

experienced 3D Artist available for freelance work.

Have worked on Feature FIlms, Games, Commercial, etc etc.

Specialize in environments, texturing, and lighting.

Please see web page for samples and more info -

Thanx very much
- Todd Siechen
- RealEyz Imaging
- ICQ# 12011473
- Reply by removing "SPAMFREE" from address

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