Publishing Overhead Question

Publishing Overhead Question

Post by Mike Kul » Tue, 11 Aug 1998 04:00:00

Quote:> Anyone that has experience dealing with a major publisher could perhaps
>answer this question:  What is the overhead for publishing a game, on
>average?  More importantly, what could a developer with a 15% royalty expect
>to get if the game they made sold around 500,000 copies?

First of all, 500K units is very rare, at least in the PC world.  Only
a few games each year sell that many copies.

Wholesale is typically in the $30 to $38 range for non-budget titles.
I would presume the titles you see in the top ten that retail for $20
to $25 are wholesaling at $10 to $15.

If you're getting a 15% royalty and the publisher is reputable, you'll
be seeing very close to 15% of the wholesale.  Maybe 15% of 95% of

Some deals subtract things like cost of goods, though.  If your deal
is like that, you'll see significant subtractions.

Mike Kulas, Volition, Inc./Parallax Software


1. REPOST: Game Publishing Overhead

  If you havnt already read the 10 Commandents of How To Make a Good Deal
by g.o.d. then stop by and check it out at:

They have a lot of info on making a publishing deal.

Ive heard that some shifty publishers will give you 15% of the profit, which
turns out to be nothing or next to it after they pay all their expenses (like
their salaries).

I have never had anyone tell me or heard them say this happened directly
to them though.. So its hearsay...

-G. Howland

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