Morrowind: Peformance problems - jerky movement

Morrowind: Peformance problems - jerky movement

Post by Eep2 » Sun, 12 May 2002 16:31:54

I have it under Win2K with Diamond Sonic S-100 soundcard (haven't tried the .ini "hack" yet though). I LIKE the sound, especially when it's high-quality 3D; reminds me of Thief (especially when sneaking). :)

I don't know why disabling audio would fix this problem because it seems like a standard I/O problem: too much data getting shoved in too small a pipe = pause.

> For whatever reason, after 7 days of beating our heads against the
> wall, there has been no acceptable solution to the performance
> problems some of us are having.

> I can deal with 20fps, but the jerking/stuttering - waiting 3-30 sec
> every minute or so for the screen to unfreeze while walking around a
> town - makes playing unbearable.

> I want to isolate the problem and figure out the fix.

> First of all, I'm 90% sure its a direct X 8.1 sound problem. Disabling
> the sound in the ini file solves it. Yet, then you have no sound. This
> is not an acceptable solution. But it indicates this is not a HD,
> Video card or swapfile issue.

> The solution the readme.txt recommends provides no relief.

> My sound currently is built in with my VIA chipset, but I've heard the
> same complaint with SB Live cards.

> This leads me to believe it might be specific to Windows 98/ME. (I use
> win 98se)In searching posts, I haven't found one person with the
> problem who is running XP.

> Does anyone running morrowind and having this problem have Windows XP?

> If not, I may buy it and see if it solves my problem.