Mobiles Phones/Games/Java

Mobiles Phones/Games/Java

Post by Thomas Landspur » Fri, 07 Apr 2000 04:00:00

To participate in the creation of the games of tomorrow on mobile phones, In
Fusio is actively searching for experienced game developers.

If you have mastered one or several techniques / languages such as Java, C,
C++, 3D and you are interested in working in an extremely motivating
environment, you are the candidate we need.

A first-time experience within the games video sector will be considered as
a plus.

Fluent English is indispensable.

In Fusio, the Mobile Fun Company, is a high-tech start-up company providing
entertainment content and services for a mass market audience via mobile
phones. The offer includes development, hosting, launching, and animation of
games using WAP, Java, and SIM cards integrated in the mobile phone. Its aim
is to use all the assets of the mobile phone as a new interactive, personnal
media tool to meet the needs and wishes of end users.
The Mobile Fun Company


1. Mobile phone game programming - newbie ques.

I would like to try an idea I have for a game to
be played particularly on a mobile phone.

I am fairly familiar with interactive graphics
programming on a computer (OpenGL etc.) but have
no notion how to go about trying something on a
phone. How to pick up key strokes, drive the display,
and then how to code it up...

Appreciate any pointers as to how to go about trying
this - I am working at home so don't have access to
industry-grade equipment...

Thanks in advance,

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