Flow Control issues !! ( FTP put not working issue )

Flow Control issues !! ( FTP put not working issue )

Post by nehan » Thu, 17 Aug 2000 04:00:00


I had sent few posts before regarding FTP put not working with pppd on
solaris. We are very close the conclusion for the issue.  The schenario is
like this ....

Switch Side             <-----------------> High Speed phone as Modem
<-------------> Solaris PC
( 64 KBPS)                                           ( 115 KBPS )
Expanded Serial Port at 115K

As you can see the the FTP server ( based on Windows NT ) is at slower end
and that's why get from 64K to 115K is working fine but the put from Faster
115K to slower 64K halts.

the same scenario with Windows client works fine. I believe windows has a
AUTOBAUD capability where in it can adjust the baud to lower rate of the
link. How can we do the same thing with Solaris ?  Will any other Unix solve
this issue ? How reliable the PPPD flow control is ?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



1. To flow-control or not to flow-control ?

No. Dealing with layer-2 flow-control is less sophisticated then TCP,
is mayby not even implemented in devices that could be incorporated
in the network, and might even interfere negativly with TCP.

As UDP and others, well, they need to take packet drop into the
aplication design anyway. Those applicateions will be used on
non-ethernet links too.

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