8-bit clean lines

8-bit clean lines

Post by Art Edward » Wed, 17 Dec 1997 04:00:00

I have been runnning pppd with general success for the last three
months. However, I have nad an intermittant problem that has
re-occurred. After making the ppp connection, I receive the following
message (paraphrased)

return serial line is not 8-bit clean. bit 7 is always zero.

I am using a 32KB Cardinal internal modem. Has anyone seend this problem

Art Edwards


8-bit clean lines

Post by N Yeama » Fri, 19 Dec 1997 04:00:00

>After making the ppp connection, I receive the following
>message (paraphrased)

>return serial line is not 8-bit clean. bit 7 is always zero.

Since you mentioned pppd in your message I'm assuming you are using a UNIX
compatible system.

I am new with pppd or UNIX, but to me it sounds like you are only
transmitting/recieving 7 bits instead of 8.  Some other program may be changing
your serial setting to 7 bit transmission.

When you are having this problem, try using 'stty -a < {dev}' to see your serial
settings (where {dev} is the device name of your modem).  Look at the part with
cs (character size) and a single digit.  The digit should be an 8.  If it is a
7, this is most likely your problem.  'stty cs8 < {dev}' should fix it.

There is also another switch called 'istrip' used for stripping off the 7th bit.
Look at the settings again, and if there is a '-' in front of it, you should be
fine otherwise, use 'stty -istrip < {dev}' to turn it off

If these don't work, try 'man stty' or  find a program for your machine that
will allow you to change your serial settings.

Hope this helped,

N. Yeamans

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