Tunnelling PPP via telnet or ssh

Tunnelling PPP via telnet or ssh

Post by Doug Siebe » Tue, 11 Nov 1997 04:00:00

I have a Linux box at home and want to tunnel PPP through ssh (telnet would
be good enough for now for testing purposes)  I can't figure out how to
start up PPP in this way.  On the remote side I'm running iij-ppp on an HP-UX
machine, it can listen on a network port and therefore I can telnet directly
to it.  But there isn't any obvious way to make this work with the PPP used
on Linux which cannot work without a tty.  Any suggestions?

Douglas Siebert                Director of Computing Facilities

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1. telnet via ssh on 2501

Hi there,

Is it possible to configure my cisco 2501 ,telnetting via ssh?Right
now,i'm opening the telnet port over LAN using hub.I'm worried that
someone might sniffering the packet.


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