PPPD and UDP/IP for ms-dos

PPPD and UDP/IP for ms-dos

Post by Misha Sazano » Tue, 11 Sep 2001 19:12:38

Hello all!
i'm looking for subj source code.
Please,help me, who can.
Beforehead thanks.
Misha Sazanov.

1. protocols for ip/udp multicast for windows 98 and ms-dos ?

Windows 98 and ms-dos programs can exchange data across the internet
by using a bunch of protocols like ethernet, arp, ip and udp.

Which extra protocols would be needed to allow udp multicast for
ms-dos ?

Documentation and other people have told me that a sender can send udp
packets to a multicast group without any extra protocols.

But a receiver should join a multicast group before it can receive

Using a sniffer it seems that windows 98 supports and uses the
Internet Group-Membership Protocol (IGMP).

So I assume ms-dos will need IGMP as well, are there any other
protocols that are needed to allow a ms-dos program to receive udp
multicast traffic ?
Skybuck presents free software for windows 95 and up:
Network Info, UDP Speed Test v1.07 and UDP Multicast Test v2.00

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