/etc/uucp/Systems chat script not there

/etc/uucp/Systems chat script not there

Post by The Cat's Me » Fri, 07 Oct 1994 08:46:24

OK, I just posted somethng similar but I have had no response, so I am
going to post again......, cos its urgent. The actual event I am
having problems with is a PPP connect, but this cu connection also
demonstrates EXACTLY what the problem is.

Here is my /etc/uucp/Systems

netcom Any ACU 19200 9855650 login: ca* word:xxxxxx

and here is what happens when I call netcom

# cu -d
Trying entry from '/etc/uucpevices'.
processdev: calling setdevcfg(cu, ACU)
fd_mgdial(usrv32-ec) called
Trying caller script 'usrv32-ec' from '/etc/uucp/Dialers'.
expect: ("")
got it
sendthem (DELAY
TE1V1X1Q0S2=255S12=255&A0&H1&M5&B2^M<NO CR>)
expect: (OK^M)
sendthem (ECHO CHECK ON
A^JATTDDTT99885555665500^M^M<NO CR>)
expect: (CONNECT)
STTY crtscts
getto ret 6
device status for fd=6
call _mode(1)
_receive started
transmit started

netcom6 login:

and then it waits for me to type in my username.

Anyone spot the problem? It DOESNT run the chat script! It doesnt even
seem to look for the 'login:' to appear..... cos there is sure no
mention of it anywhere in the debug info....

I am perplexed, I havent got a clue as to why its doing this....

can anyone help? This is really urgent that I get this sorted soon!