ppp-2.2: connection not 8-bit clean?

ppp-2.2: connection not 8-bit clean?

Post by Bria » Mon, 15 Apr 1996 04:00:00


I am using PPP-2.2 with SunOS 4.1.3.

I get the error:

Connection Terminated:
Serial link is not 8-bit clean
All received characters had bit 7 set to 0

now, obviously this is telling me that my callout device
/dev/cua0 is not set to 8/n/1.  So how can I fix this?
I am using the ppp-on nd ppp-on-dialer scripts that
ppp-2.2 came with, thanks.


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1. ppp connection(Serial link is not 8-bit clean)

Runing pppd to connect to my Internet Service Provider fails after
connection (ppp0<-->/dev/modem).

Examining the log file says:
- pppd is sending the LCP request over and over without changing the
ConfReq id(=0x1)
- there is also the message: "kernel: ppp: frame with bad fcs, excess=<any
- and: "Receive serial link is not 8-bit clean: Problem: all had bit 7 set
to 0".

Supplemental information:
- The peer (spectraweb.ch) is running ppp software (eight data bits, no
parity, one stop bit).
- My machine: PC, modem E-TECH E56K RVP, Kernel 2.0.36, pppd 2.3.5
- Hardware flow control is explicitly enabeld in the chat-script (AT&K3)
- pppd speed is set to 38400
- pppd options are: modem, kdebug25, crtscts, defaultroute, noipdefault,
noauth, asyncmap0, noipx, novj, novjccomp

What is going wrong? Thank you for information:

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