PA, Software Engineer, C, UNIX, QNX, SQL, multitasking, real-time process control

PA, Software Engineer, C, UNIX, QNX, SQL, multitasking, real-time process control

Post by Joe Jorda » Fri, 03 Oct 1997 04:00:00

      Title: Sr. Software Engineer, Software Engineer
   Duration: Permanent
   Location: PA
  Skill Set: C, UNIX, QNX, SQL, multitasking, real-time process control
 Experience: BSEE/CS/equiv+5-10yrs
Description: National designer/builder of automated distribution
             facilities which has developed state-of-the-art systems
             for Merck-Medco, Woolworth, Siemens, Ciba Vision, Lucent
             Technologies, and other leading companies, is seeking
             professionals for the following positions:

             Sr. Software Engineer
                Strong C, QNX and SQL skills required. The applicant
                will design and implement modules to link our software
                to third party host packages and will be responsible
                for constantly improving the performance of our database

             Software Engineer
                Must have knowledge of C and SQL. Recent CS graduate
                will be considered.

             Excellent working conditions, compensation/benefit package,
             and a progressive atmosphere. Some travel is required.

If you feel you meet the requirements for one of the above position,
please include the following information with your resume:

   1. Phone number(s): day, evening, message, fax
   2. E-mail address(es)
   3. Experience chronology for previous 5 years including, company
      name, position title, dates of employment, and compensation
   4. Citizenship and U.S. visa status if not a U.S. citizen

All positions require a minimum of 2 years post-academic experience
and U.S. citizenship or permanent visa status unless otherwise noted.

Please submit your resume and the information above to:

   Joe Jordan
   Manager of Software Operations

Using any of the following vehicles, in order of preference:

  2. Fax:    610-376-2861
  3. Mail:   333 Buttonwood Street, West Reading, PA  19611

Joe Jordan
Manager of Software Operations
333 Buttonwood Street
West Reading, PA  19611


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