PCMCIA (PC Card) Network card setup woes

PCMCIA (PC Card) Network card setup woes

Post by D. Shi » Tue, 19 Dec 1995 04:00:00

howdy y'all :)

I have QNX 4.22 installed on a Texas Instruments TravelMate 5000 and
I'm trying to set up my pcmcia network card (a Socket EA+, Revision E).

Does anyone *happen* to have a sysinit set up that works?

I've had it set up before (about 6 months ago) after much difficulty and
the QNX partition suddenly crashed and that was when i realized that i did
not have any of the system setup files (sysinit.X, pcmcia.X, pcmcia.cards...)
saved somewhere apart from the laptop :(

So i'm in the process of trying to resetup the network, but i think i'm
missing something somewhere...

The sysinit has these lines:
Pcmcia.cirrus -a3e0 -i5 -v&
sleep 2
PcmciaBeep &
Net &
sleep 2
nameloc &
sleep 2
netmap -f
sleep 2
Net.ether1000 -i11 -p300 -6 -R -v &

I've gone through many different combinations of port addresses and
interrupts but i still have no luck.
With each interrupt/port modification, i've been making changes to

The machine is setup up as node 2 and my netmap contains 2 entries.

The only files i've messed with are:

am i overlooking something?

thanks in advance for any insight you people may have :)


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