Netmap & 2 PCMCIA network cards...

Netmap & 2 PCMCIA network cards...

Post by Barry Millma » Wed, 08 Dec 1999 04:00:00


    The standard -- and pretty much successful -- response to this is to use
automap.  I don't know the website for it, I am sure someone can respond with

(I have no connection with the automap folks.)

Another way would be to start Net on the new machine and pass it the netmap
parameters for any existing node.  Your new machine will talk to that node, and
that node's Net will add the mapping information into its INTERNAL mapping
table.  Using netmap to access that node's internal mapping will get you the
info for your new card.  This would have to be done by all the nodes on the


> Hey,

> I was recently using a 3COM PCMCIA 3C589D card to telnet and ftp into
> my embedded (no video/keyboard) system and things were working fine.
> Now that I want to build 5 or 6 of these units I find the 3C589D cards are
> no longer easy to get so I ordered the new 3COM 3CXE589ET cards with
> the fancy XJack connector.  I wasn't sure if the driver would work but I
> gave it a try.  Anyway, after a session with 'pin' and updating my
> file I rebooted it and it didn't work.  Using PPP and my serial port I found
> that
> the driver was working and the 'en1' interface was alive and well but I
> couldn't
> connect.  After using the 'net*' commands I found the netmap entry needed to
> be updated with the new physical node ID.  I changed my netmap file to:

> #    Logical    Lan    Physical           TX Count     Last TX Fail Time
>     1          1      00104B EDEE31    ;        3C589D
>      1         2      000086 3E518D    ;        3CXE589ET

> But this didn't work.  I had to change it to:

> #    Logical    Lan    Physical           TX Count     Last TX Fail Time
> #    1          1      00104B EDEE31    ;        3C589D
>      1         1      000086 3E518D    ;        3CXE589ET

> It now works fine.  Is there an easier way to do this?  Shouldn't the
> physical
> node ID be added when the card driver is ran?  What happens if I get a
> different
> PCMCIA network card?  I would like to be able to 'mix and match' my network
> cards but that won't be possible if I have to edit this file for each
> specific card
> I use.

> Thanks.
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1. PCMCIA (PC Card) Network card setup woes

howdy y'all :)

I have QNX 4.22 installed on a Texas Instruments TravelMate 5000 and
I'm trying to set up my pcmcia network card (a Socket EA+, Revision E).

Does anyone *happen* to have a sysinit set up that works?

I've had it set up before (about 6 months ago) after much difficulty and
the QNX partition suddenly crashed and that was when i realized that i did
not have any of the system setup files (sysinit.X, pcmcia.X,
saved somewhere apart from the laptop :(

So i'm in the process of trying to resetup the network, but i think i'm
missing something somewhere...

The sysinit has these lines:
Pcmcia.cirrus -a3e0 -i5 -v&
sleep 2
PcmciaBeep &
Net &
sleep 2
nameloc &
sleep 2
netmap -f
sleep 2
Net.ether1000 -i11 -p300 -6 -R -v &

I've gone through many different combinations of port addresses and
interrupts but i still have no luck.
With each interrupt/port modification, i've been making changes to

The machine is setup up as node 2 and my netmap contains 2 entries.

The only files i've messed with are:

am i overlooking something?

thanks in advance for any insight you people may have :)


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