rsa crypto for qnx

rsa crypto for qnx

Post by POP accoun » Sat, 15 Apr 1995 04:00:00

I would be grateful if any one can provide me with information on where I
can obtain the source code for the pgp program for qnx or alternaitvley
source code for implementing RSA that will work under qnx 4

Thanks in advance.

Nick Plant.


1. RSA Public Key Crypto Systems

I am working on a term project for a Data Structures class, and I am
trying to locate any source code or algorithms for a Public Key Crypto System.
Someone here at school had suggested locating the source code for
Crypt.  I realize that, depending on where I get the source from, that
I will most probably not be able to use the code for my project.  What
I would like to code for is to have as many examples as possible to
examine.  So far I have only one source of information, and no code or
algorithms to go by.

Our source drive is down here at the university, or I would have
gotten the source from minix from someone here if that had been

Anything that any of you could suggest would be a great help...

Thank you
Aaron Herskowitz   <=========> University of Kentucky: Unix Lab Consultant,


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