troubles with large harddrives qnx4.25E

troubles with large harddrives qnx4.25E

Post by Stefan Scherre » Sun, 14 Apr 2002 03:57:12

We are having troubles with with large harddrives >20GB IDE under qnx4.25
patch level E

The drive seems to be ok (ie Seagate Baracuda 80GB) everything works well,
but recompiling large projects (>10MB source code) errors like to many open
files in system and stuff like this appear.

I'have got the feeling, that the internal cache managemet gets screwed up
with large partitions. We do not have this problems on 20GB drives.

with fsysinfo i can see that we are far from reaching any limit (ie we only
used 18 files max  this can not be the cause for too many open files :( )

after those errors happen a have not been able to mount an additional
partition (my boot partion about 20MB in size)

I tried 3 diffrent machines form P III to P IV all with the same results. I
although had this problem with a 40 GB IBM harddrive.

The patch E has been successfully been installed as removing the patch
results in very old versions of Fsys und Fsys.eide applying Patch E again
I'm getting Fsys and Fsys.eide used for the boot file.

Any hints ?



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