Iomega Zip/Jazz drive support?

Iomega Zip/Jazz drive support?

Post by Mitchell Schoenbru » Fri, 21 Aug 1998 04:00:00

> What is needed to support a parallel port Iomega Zip or Jazz drive under QNX
> 4.2x?  Specifically it would be nice if it could be mounted as a DOS device,
> much like floppies using Dosfsys.

I sell a driver for the Iomega Zip parallel.  It also works with the Jaz
Traveller interface.  You can use either the Zip SCSI, or the Jaz with
QNX's SCSI drivers.  All of these drivers may be used with Dosfsys
to provide access to DOS disks.



1. IOMEGA ZIP drive corrupts zip files

I have a parallel zip drive that experienced all the problems of
installation that everyone else has been bitching about even under windows
95.  After following some of your suggestions: Making sure the cable is
press in HARD, and downloading the current zip tools (see
my system no longer locked up when copying to/from the zip drive.

Unfortunately, I'm experiencing a less obvious problem.  When I copy a zip
file either  in Windows95 or at the DOS prompt(under windows) everything
seems to go hunky-dorey.  When I copy it back, to another location, all
three copies have the same file size, dates, etc but when I try and unzip
the files I'm getting CRC errors on a number of files.

I did try to use WINZIP today instead of pkzip 2.04 but can't seem to get
WINZIP to copy the hidden and system files and empty directories.

Suggestions?  I am definitely getting fed up with all the problems and
will be looking for some other means of back up.

Wm Eiffler

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