Tandy Model III Keyboard

Tandy Model III Keyboard

Post by Ian Jorda » Sat, 23 Sep 1995 04:00:00

I have a single disk model 3 but I have problems with the keyboard.
Some of the keys have got "sticky", in fact a couple no longer work.
I have tried cleaning them with contact cleaner but to no avail. Could
some kind soul advise me on how to bring the keys back to "life".
Bill Jordan

Cheshire, UK


1. Model III Keyboard Woes

I have a problem with a Model III keyboard.   The letter "s" has died -
it wont type, the rest of the keys work fine.   I have had the keyboard
out and cleaned it with compressd air but that did not help I sprayed
the "S" key with CRC and that worked for about 10 minutes.   Does anyony
know of a fix that will work for a little longer please.

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