FS: increase your productivy with MS-Works!

FS: increase your productivy with MS-Works!

Post by ug-mac » Sat, 11 Mar 1995 14:30:32

In addition to games, I have the fabled and fabulous MS-Works. It's a
word processor, spreadsheat, database, and communications -you can
login with its communications module. It's in 5 1/4 low density form
factor to ensure compatibility with your trusty tandy1000(). Original
diskettes, manuals are included. Also, a conversion file that allows
you to convert files from MS-Word or Lotus 1-2-3 from and to works, so
your children can write their essays at home, and print them at school.
It's version 2.0.
I'm asking $35 for it, plus $3.00 shipping and handling.


1. FS: Tandy 1000EX manuals/disks, MS Works, Better-Working-8-in-1

Tandy 1000EX manuals: Quick Reference (coil-bound), A Practical Guide to
the Tandy 1000EX (coil-bound), Tandy Personal Deskmate, and the Diskette
Organizer including 2 5.25" diskettes for Personal DeskMate (1.01) and a
single 5.25" disk for MS-DOS/GW-BASIC (v2.11.24).  All original disks in
original Tandy sleeves, and everything is in EXCELLENT condition - all
look pretty much unused.  $15

MS Works v1.00, still in shrink-wrap, on 5.25" disks.  $10

MS Works v2.00, opened but complete in box with 3.5" disks.  $8

Better Working 8-in-1, similar to MS Works, but supposedly better
performance.  Complete in box (Desktop, Outliner, Word Processor, Spell
Corrector, Spreadsheet, Graphics, Database, Communications) with 5.25"
disks.  $10

Take all 4 for $35!

Shipping extra.  E-mail with any questions or to arrange payment.


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