Model II and Model 12 software to give away

Model II and Model 12 software to give away

Post by Richard Lok » Sun, 14 Jun 1992 03:13:31

A long time ago somebody asked what software I had and I finally looked to see
and the message is long gone.

Anyway, I have the following software with the original Docs and distribution

        Model II

        TRSDOS 2.1A (I think)
        TRSDOS Assembler
        TRSDOS Basic
        RS Cobol
        Microsoft Cobol (for TrsDos)

        Model 12

        TRSDOS II
        TRSDOS Basic
        Scripsit  (or however it is spelled)

I only use CP/M so this is all of no use to me.  Any and all are welcome to
it for the price of postage.

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