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Does anyone have a Word Perfect printer ( .prs) driver file for the
 Star Gemini-10X ? I am in great need! Please respond...

Thanks in advance.



1. Need help installing new print driver on Scripsit under MS-DOS

  I'm trying to install a printer driver for a custom printer (a Xerox
memorywriter with serial interface) but can't seem to figure out how to
do it.  I already have an ascii printer description file (codes for underline,
bold, etc.) that I knows works fine (because it works with Scripsit under
Xenix).  In the Scripsit (DOS version) manual, they start talking about
how to link it into something called group files, and thats where I get
totally lost.  I called up Radio Shack tech support (the company I work for
has contract with them), and they said that installing new printer description
files is basically unsupported, and that there should be enough info in the
manual to be able to figure it out.
  What I would like to know is if anyone has successfully installed a new
driver, and if so, could send me specific instructions (ie. rename file to
this, run this command, etc.).  Even if you may have never done this, I still
would appreciate any help with the 'group' stuff - it's not the type of thing
I'd like to spend time learning if I don't have to.

                                                Jeff White
                                                Drexel University - ECE Dept.

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