Model 2000 software/hardware/manuals wanted

Model 2000 software/hardware/manuals wanted

Post by David Eugene Dwiggi » Tue, 15 Jan 1991 11:17:59

I am looking for manuals, software, and various hardware for my model 2000.

(Please folks, this is not my primary machine and I know it is obsolete.
No letters of discouragement, please)

I currently have 512K, CM-1, and 10Mb hard drive.

Any FTP sites that have software for this machine?  I'm also looking for
Windows 1.0 for this machine.  (Also the Digi-Mouse and controller board)

Basically any old software for this beast.
Since this is my secondary machine, I'm not willing to pay $$ for stuff.

David Dwiggins


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I have been trying to find a word processor with spell-check
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also like to find a modem if possible.  Any games wouldn't hurt either.

I would be glad to pay shipping charges and possibly a little more.

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