Tandy monitor flickers/colors change -- why?

Tandy monitor flickers/colors change -- why?

Post by Huh » Sat, 18 Jun 1994 01:21:48

The monitor on my 3000NL (I think it's a CM-11) has been acting wierd lately:
the colors seem to shift -- almost as if the palette were changing -- a few
minutes after power up.  Keeps doing it the whole time, but sporadically.  
This is the bastard EGA (I ain't cussin') monitor that isn't true EGA.

The problem only started recently, but about 6-8 months ago I *think* a guest
cat might have relieved himself on the monitor and through the vents.  I am
not making this up.  Came in one day, fired it up and there were snapping
noises.  Monitor was a little dim, then OK.  What's that smell?  Dark,
urine-like substance on side and under monitor (ugh).

So have I discovered a new superconductor?  Monitor on the wane?  Any ideas



1. Screen flicker on T100, why?

I have an old TRS-80 model 100 that has not been used for the last
several years.  It worked when I put it away.  I recently resurrected it
to do some simple BASIC programming.  I was amazed to find that all of
the old RAM programs were still present!  (I did replace the batteries
from time to time while it was in storage.)

The machine still worked.  However, the screen tends to flicker slowly
from its normal density to being very dim.  This improves somewhat blood
is still present when it is plugged into its AC power supply.  (This
charges the small nicad battery that maintains the memory.) However, the
flicker it never completely goes away, and gets worse as the main
batteries become used up.  However, even when the screen is dim the
information on the screen is accurate.

Here is what I have done to try to solve this problem:
Voltage of the nicad battery is okay when measured with a volt meter.
Removing all removable chips (memory, ROMs, etc.), burnishing their
contacts and reinserting.
Checking all cables and wires and plugs going to and from the screen.

I wondered if there is some capacitor that has aged and is affecting the
screen voltage.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Durham, NC

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