TRS 80 VideoTex Terminals to Give Away...

TRS 80 VideoTex Terminals to Give Away...

Post by Craig Ber » Tue, 12 May 1998 04:00:00

I have (2) TRS 80 VideoTex Terminals to give away. These are very old
(1984). These connect to a TV and a telephone line. The serial numbers are
about 000180, and 000960.

I would like them to go to someone who would display or put them to some use.


Craig Bergh

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I have a TRS-80 Model III that is still working that I want to give away.
It has 48Kb memory and 2 x 375 Kb floppy disk drives.  I run it under
Dosplus, but I still have TRS-DOS 1.4a.  I still have software and manuals.
I bought it in 1983.
If anyone is interested, I live in Adelaide, South Australia.  E-mail me on

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