msworks 2.0

msworks 2.0

Post by cpq266c » Tue, 26 Feb 2002 12:38:51

I recently dug my old tandy 2500 out of ba*t and was able to get it
going.  I reinstalled Windows 3.0, it actually works.  I tried to reinstall
msworks 2.0, but one of my disk was messed up.  Does any one know where I
might get msworks 2.0 on 31/4 disk.


1. 1400HD problem with Reflex 2.0 files

     I have a new (used) 1400HD still on a warranty from the seller.  But,
I am having a problem loading or saving Reflex 2.0 files with it.  I get a
DOS error and then General Failure message from Reflex either loading or
saving on the hard disk, but not on a floppy.  Floppy files work fine.
     This continues even after a low-level reformat of the hard disk and
a reinstallation of Reflex.  Neither PCTools nor Norton disk-fix programs
show anything wrong with the hard disk, and no other programs mis-
function.  Concern:  Is there some underlying PC-incompatibility lurking
in the 1400HD which will rise up and bite other software?  Does anyone
have any advice?


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