pdp11 83

pdp11 83

Post by jef » Thu, 19 Sep 1996 04:00:00

   Can anyone help me find some documentation for this computer. Both
hardware and operating system documents would be appriciated


1. Help! PDP11/83 memory configuration

I am trying to set up an 11/83 qbus machine (DEC BA-23) with 2mb of PMI
memory + a special data acquisition card ('Newport System 86') with 8kb
of dual-port RAM on it.  Our old 11/73-based system (SMS qbus-compatible
box) handled this ok (since '86), RSX11M+ duly reporting the 2mb+8kb on

Problem:  11/83 combo not working - not seeing the dual-port-RAM.

Any ideas anyone?

Hansell Williams

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