Changing a DEC Mouse into a PC serial mouse ?

Changing a DEC Mouse into a PC serial mouse ?

Post by Alexandre.Vermeerberg » Tue, 20 Dec 1994 07:34:25

Is it possible to change a strange-looking DEC Mouse into a mouse
working on a plain PC ? The mouse is *very* large (and very inconfortable
for people with normal hands, that's with they gave it to me ;-) ), it is
model number: VSXXX-AA.C03, it's written HAWLEY and Digital on it. It does
not works with a bowl but with two cylinders (bended on the X and on the Y).
The connector is a weird DIN-7 (at least there are 7 male pins), like this:
                           /  . .  \
                          ]         [<---small bend on each sides
                         | .  ===  . |
                         |     .     |   (plastic rectangle in the center)
                          \  .   .  /

I would like to know the signification of each pin (power, ground, etc...) if
anybody has it... Or would anybody know any DEC hardware "hacker" ?


Changing a DEC Mouse into a PC serial mouse ?

Post by Fred Kleinsor » Sat, 07 Jan 1995 06:59:08

  This mouse is a serial mouse, and has DEC specific firmware.  If you
  order a replacement mouse - VSXXX-GA - you will get a DEC-specific
  version of a Logitech mouse (that is, it's a standard logitech mouse
  with custom firmware).

  This will plug replace the larger "puck" type mouse.

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I have tried approximately 5 different adapters that supposedly
convert from 6 pin PS/2 - Bus - Din (whatever you want to call it) to
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Finally fed up with trips to the store, I've decided to just wire it
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diagram anywhere!!!!    

Help if you can........ I't would be much appreciated.


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