pls. help, can't see Russian or Chinese encoding

pls. help, can't see Russian or Chinese encoding

Post by JaneSwel » Sat, 04 Jan 2003 05:25:41

There are web pages that contain Russian and
Chinese characters that you are supposed to
be able to see without special fonts or software.
When I look at them I only see question marks:
???????  ??? ??

Does anyone here know why this is happening? Is
it because i am using a Mac? I am also using AOL
if that makes a difference.

thank you,



1. Only Russians and Chinese must stock up - Gartner

Report Finds Huge Gap In Y2K Readiness Between Countries

SAN DIEGO (AP)?People who are worried about the Year
2000 computer bug can stop stockpiling food, buying
generators and preparing for Doomsday.

Unless they live in Russia, China or less developed
countries, where power outages, runs on the banking
system and civil unrest are expected, according to a
report released this week at a high-tech industry
conference in San Diego.

3From a global perspective, this is very serious,2 said the
report1s author, Lou Marcoccio, the Year 2000 research
director for the GartnerGroup, a consulting firm based in
Stamford, Connecticut. 3But domestically, I don1t predict
much of a problem.2

The Y2K problem stems from the fact that most computers
use two digits instead of four to represent a year. Unless
programmed for the change, computers can mistake the
year 2000 as 1900 when internal clocks roll over Jan. 1. The
glitch could effect millions of computer microchips in
machines across the globe.

Researchers found companies and governments in
developed nations, including the United States, Canada and
the United Kingdom, are close to resolving their Y2K
problems, but many poorer nations have barely started
working on the situation.

The best-prepared nations include Australia, Belgium,
Bermuda, Denmark, Holland, Ireland, Israel, Sweden and
Switzerland, according to the report.

Problems have already occurred in some computer
systems that run advanced forecasting programs without
any great impact on the public, Marcoccio said. He expects
the glitches will hit a peak around October, when the fiscal
year begins for 2000, and will continue throughout next

The best prepared nations can expect minor and isolated
failures in their power networks, disruptions in air
transportation, food shortages because of stockpiling,
banking problems and possibly some civil unrest. In less
prepared countries, those problems could be widespread.

3These countries need to be developing contingency
plans,2 Marcoccio said of nations such as Bahrain, India,
Nigeria and South Africa.

The GartnerGroup, which based its report in part on
quarterly surveys of 15,000 companies in 87 countries,
isn1t the first to reach this conclusion. The U.S. State
Department, the CIA and others raised similar concerns in
testimony before Congress earlier this month.
(END) Dow Jones Newswires 24-03-99
0213GMT(AP-DJ- #-03-24-99 0213GMT)

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