New: Y2K spider and search engine - submit your Y2K url

New: Y2K spider and search engine - submit your Y2K url

Post by Look inside for posting informati » Sat, 14 Nov 1998 04:00:00

We got tired of  searching for Y2K web sites on  the major search
engines. To much noise. So we went forward and decided build a
specific Y2K search engine,  with ONLY Y2K sites.

The spider is ready to go (submit your  URL at ). The search  should go live this
coming Monday or Tuesday.

Also we setup the code to  allow other Y2K  web  sites to run our Y2K
polls, with a link back to the  page you  specified. Look in for the  code. As of now 164  web
surfers have voted,  with about 40% voting on the worldwide
depression. The more people vote the  more reliable these results


1. Y2K spider and search engine

This message is to announce  the version 1.1 of the  Y2K spider  and
search engine. Now with over  10,000 websites listed is your source
for  Y2K related  searches. We spide the web for you.

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