PowerSecretary and the iMac

PowerSecretary and the iMac

Post by Joseph Senec » Fri, 26 Feb 1999 04:00:00

> Contrary to some other facts out there, I just had a very good test of
> PowerSecretary on the iMac.  However you can't use the microphone that
> came with PowerSecretary.  I have been using the Andrea 600, which is
> arguably a better microphone anyway.  

> The only problem is that for it to work you have to turn off virtual
> memory and Apple talk.  

Thanks. That gives me hope that it might work on my Blue & White G3 that
should be ariving next month.

Some things that have helped the stablity of PowerSecretary for me:

Turn off QuickTime, this also disables Sherlock :-(

Turn off PlainTalk, it's on the web site, and did seem more stable

Avoid using the command/control features (selecting menus, and pushing
buttons). These usually work, but can lock up PowerSecretary.  Using
alternate applescript commands for these helps.

Joseph Senecal
Senecal's Custom Programming


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