Martin, anything you can tell us?

Martin, anything you can tell us?

Post by Martin Marko » Tue, 06 Nov 2001 04:57:50


.> Just wondering whether there's anything you can tell us about the

Quote:> progress of your efforts with Parmod Gandhi  to develop a world class
> headset microphone. As you know, I use a hand-held, so didn't have any
> useful input on your request back in April for suggestions. However, I
> do follow the area a bit, and figure that any improvements may
> ultimately spill over into the hand-held area as well.

Parmod and I spent several hours going over the many suggestions.  Here are
the main issues culled from over one hundred responses.

1. The "perfect" headset mic should be able to be used on the left or right
side. It should also be easy to put on and remove with one hand.
2. Capability of being plugged/unplugged (like the ANC 700) not just once or
twice but several dozen times a day, so as to allow user much greater
freedom to move away from her/his workstation whenever it's necessary.
3. Comfortable vinyl and foam earpads (form fitting).
4. Really good radio interference filtering on the cable.  I currently have
three (measured) feet of cable wrapped around a couple of horseshoe magnets.
Of course, we live quite close to several radio towers, and have had radio
interference trouble with our phones -- but I bet I'm not the only person to
have had this problem.
5. Wireless (infrared or RF) it's handy to be able to get up and walk around
without unplugging.
6. For people with RSI like me, the ability to have it work as a telephone
headset as well would be heavenly.
7. Interface with multiple devices (telephone, CD player) in  addition to
the computer <-- easily switchable too - maybe from the computer through the
USB...  "Computer I'd like  to listend to music..."   but then how would you
switch back?
8. Being a disabled person who has difficulty removing a headset or putting
it back on, it
ideally would have the microphone detachable from the headset for mounting
on a boom.
9.  replaceable cable with the junction at the headset.  I would like to be
able to replace broken cables.
10. The headband tension should be easily adjustable.
11. There should be an option to use or remove the earphone piece so one's
ear is unfettered if desired.
12. How about a touch-sensitive switch on the mike so just tapping it with a
finger turns it on and off? Most of the slide switches are clumsy.
13. volume adjustment for the headset.
14. would love to see a convertible headband, over head or behind head
15. Compactness for travel.

If you've been patient enough to get to this point, I can now embarassedly
say the project is on the back burner for at least 6 months. Most of the
items on the wish list can be incorporated. However, it would be a
tremendous trade off in terms of size, weight and features. Also, finding
the manufacturing and quality control for a completely new headset may not
be economically feasible.

Bottom line, the idea sounded great at the time. This is one, for at least
the time being, where I eat crow.

Thanks to all for the ideas and time spent making suggestions.



Martin, anything you can tell us?

Post by Martin Marko » Tue, 06 Nov 2001 10:22:15



>Is there any way to train
> NatSpeak to ignore that particular set of "sounds" and thus reduce the
> time required to come on?

Not that I know of. My handheld is mounted on a boom so I typically just say
microphone off or go to sleep.



1. 219 US Embasies Told To Prepare for Power Outages, Water Shortages etc (US Dept of State).

To protect against any potential negative impacts from Y2K disruptions, the
Department of State has formulated comprehensive contingency plans, which
called for assessments of every aspect of our 219 embassies and consulates
and Washington-based buildings and annexes' Y2K readiness. The Department
sent out the "Post Contingency Planning Tool Kit" in February, which
addressed the potential resource gaps (equipment, water, generators, etc.)
that could result from Y2K-related problems. Again, posts assessed such host
country scenarios as the effects of loss of electricity, water shortages,
failure of primary sources of communications and other events, during the
rollover period. Each embassy had to determine how long they could continue
business operations and maintain the safety and security of their staff, and
indicated what additional resources would be needed to maintain operations
if serious problems developed in the host-country infrastructure. Presently,
the individual regional bureaus are coordinating contingency efforts with
their respective posts.

This escaped my attention in September so maybe I'm not alone.


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