Search/Review CS literature guide

Search/Review CS literature guide

Post by Andy Broo » Thu, 22 Nov 1990 01:33:45

Searching and Reviewing the Computing Science Literature
A Guide for Research Students

I'm trying to put together the above and I am interested in the following.

1) use of network news to access bibliographies, exchange technical info,
discuss with leading experts etc

2) on-line facilities (e.g. use of CompuScience or use of specialist libraries
like Turing Institute library in Artificial Intelligence)

3) anecdotes (e.g. I had submitted my thesis by the time I discovered the
ACM had a specialist interest group in my area, that such a thing as CompuMath
existed or joe on the net gave me all the references I really needed)

please mail me with any details


1. Ergonomics Literature Review

I have a company that does ergonomic design and human interface design for high tech
companies. Usernomics, is located in the San Francisco, CA Bay Area - Silicon Valley. We are
now working on the next version of MACs that will compete with Windows 95 and I previously
designed the concept of windows, icons, and the mouse for Xerox Park. We also do a lot of work
in hardware design. From time to time we also do projects in manufacturing and office
ergonomics. We are now designing an ergonomics training course for technicians in a
manufacturing area for a major high tech company.

Does anyone know how to do an inclusive literature review on the net for "ergonomics,
manufacturing, safety" issues? If you do, please email me with the answer. Thanks a lot.

I'd also like to hear from anyone that wants to talk about human interface issues.

Dr. Bob


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