Device Control from VAX or DEC PC?

Device Control from VAX or DEC PC?

Post by Ty Will » Sun, 10 Jul 1994 23:54:32

I am trying to help a group of folks with a scientific computing project.

The idea is to automate a set of remote sensors, all of which can be controlled
via RS-232 (or very similar) interfaces. The problem is that all of these
sensors have to operate according to a set schedule, perfoming certain tasks at
certain times, and so on.

I have been unable to find any existing software to do the job, so I'm left
with the task of creating it. I am hoping for a simple solution, such as using
VMS batch queues.

So here's the question - what would be required to control a set of devices
from, say, a DEC-PC running VMS? Are there any existing i/o controllers for
vaxen or dec-pc's?

Many thanks in advance to all who reply...

Ty Willis




Our business is medical transcription and we need to communicate our output
back to the hospital's VAX computer.   Is it easily possible to send ASCII
files to the VAX?  We can output from WordPerfect to ASCII of course and we
could send that output via modem to the client, however we need to be certain
that it gets to the mini in a format that can be easily accessed.  Will this
work?  Any other thoughts on this issue?

Any speedy assistance in this matter will be GREATLY appreciated.

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