alpha performance tools?

alpha performance tools?

Post by Steve McCall » Thu, 14 Dec 1995 04:00:00

Can someone out there tell me if there are any good
performance tools for Alphas running Windows NT? We
have an application that crawls and we're trying to
figure out why. In particular, does anyone know of
profiling tools and/or highly optimizing compilers?
Please email.
Thanks a bunch,


1. NT Alpha performance tools -- what happened to them?

Hello --

As of last week, the page: had a number of useful tools on them.  I am
now re-directed to a rather useless page at:, which through several links, only has pointers to
ACID, but not NTPROF, FIXUPS and the other tools.

Do I now have to spend the $195.00 to get the SDK?  What happened to this
stuff?  Who can I complain to at Compaq that might listen?


Ken Randell

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