fully paid research position for doctoral student: software engineering and distributed systems

fully paid research position for doctoral student: software engineering and distributed systems

Post by Thomas Fahringe » Tue, 31 Oct 2000 16:52:04

The Institute for Software Science at the University of Vienna
is offering within a long-term research project an

    **          Open Research Position for PHD Students about     **
    **  UML-centric and Performance-Oriented Software Development **
    **      Environment for Distributed and Parallel Systems      **

Applicants should have knowledge in one or more of the following areas:

        + Software Engineering
        + UML
        + distributed and parallel systems
        + programming skills
            + distributed programming (Java)
            + parallel programming (OpenMP, MPI, Threads, HPF ...)

Position: fully paid research position for a doct*student.

Starting Date: immediately

Duration: until April 2003.

Project Summary:

   The position is offered as part of a long-term research project
   about performance-oriented application development for distributed
   and parallel systems. A graphical program composition environment
   for UML will be developed based on a set of predefined code-patterns
   for parallel and distributed programming paradigms. UML software
   components are associated with performance information derived
   from performance prediction, performance measurements and user
   input. The programming environment generates framework code for various
   programming languages including OpenMP, MPI, HPF, Threads, and
   Java/RMI. Several state-of-the-art performance tools and compilers
   support the user in further optimizing the performance-oriented programs.

Additional information:

   The working language at the Institute for Software Science is English.
   Course work as part of the PHD program can be done in English.

   Austria is among the 5 best countries in the world in terms of
   social, health, and living conditions. For instance, the position
   offers 5 weeks of vacation per year including 10 days of public

For more information, please contact


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