how locate the server in TAO

how locate the server in TAO

Post by Gecko » Wed, 25 Dec 2002 21:21:16

can u help me on:
i have a server and clients in different machines where clients fetch
records from the server.Which base factory i should can i
initiate/ locate the server connection from client.can u suggest the
apt document for reference. i'm new to TAO and ORB.

1. Free check-ins or stable check-ins?

Hi all,

I'm hoping someone could give me insight to how they do things...(BTW, we
are using VSS 6.0 and
VisualStudio6.0 on an NT platform)

I was thinking about mandating stable check-ins for all code in our project.
That is, nobody checks in code unless it is deemed complete and workable.
Due to the way VSS <project> labels work (always labels latest versions of
all files), if code is checked in incomplete and a build is performed, it
could break the build. I've heard that if code is checked out for a long
period of time though (if a change takes a week or so), the code is more apt
to become corrupt. Is this true?
The alternative to this is to let developers check in code regardless of the
working state. If a build is performed, this may cause the build to break.
Also, if a "hotfix" needs to be performed, and if the code has already been
changed and is checked in incomplete, the hotfix will include the incomplete
code. If the code is stable, this is not a problem. If the code is still
checked out, at least the person responsible for the hotfix will know that
the code is being modified and can communicate with that person to get the
fix incorporated.

How do others here manage their source code with respect to the above?
Thanks for your thoughts!

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