FS: 16-bit Soundcard for Laptop.

FS: 16-bit Soundcard for Laptop.

Post by Andr » Wed, 21 Feb 1996 04:00:00

16-bit soundcard that connects to computer via parallel port for sale. Comes
with power supply and external speaker unit, plus a cable or two...

I've still got the box it came in with all manuals, etc. and the plastic
wrapper still on the box! (it is opened at one end though ;-)

Asking price: 70ukp + postage (ono)
Andy Piper

Department of Electrical Eng.
The University of Edinburgh


1. FS: 16-bit Soundcard for Laptop!

Digispeech "Port.able Sound Plus" for sale, Soundblaster compatible, 16-bit
resolution. Plugs into parallel port.

Asking price is 80ukp, ono (or whatever it's US dollars equivalent is). This
includes power supply for the card, loudspeaker unit and various cables. All
neatly wrapped up in its original packaging.

Email me with any offers.

Department of Electrical Eng.
The University of Edinburgh

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