People who are partially sighted and Computers

People who are partially sighted and Computers

Post by Dave Edwar » Wed, 10 Jun 1992 16:48:07


I am interested to know how partially sighted or blind people
interact with computers. Do they use computers? Do they run any
"special" software to enable them to interact with computers? Is
there any software in the world that helps partially sighted people
to interact with computers?

If you have any ideas/thoughts on this subject could you please
email me.

Dave Edwards


1. Blind / Partially sighted computer users


I  have  just started my final year project which is  looking  at
what  hardware  /  software  etc  is  available  for  blind   and
partially  sighted  (any level) computer users. However I  am  in
need  of a few pointers as there don't seem to be too many  books
or articles around on the subject.

If  anyone  has  any suggestions of books  or  articles  on  this
subject area, please reply and let me know....

Thank you very much


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