Post by Arti » Thu, 27 May 1993 22:26:13

I have a question about DECwindows v1.1, and i have no idea where
to ask it.  i'm looking for a good gif/jpg viewer. (and you thought
it was something really important!)  ideally, i would like a few to
choose from.  if you know of anywhere that i could find a viewer,
let me know.  there has got to be an anonymous ftp site for this
sort of thing....i can't be the only one interested in this, either.
if you know anything, please e-mail me, since i don't normally read
this group.  thanks in advance...

eric the artist


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I have a 386 Dx40 with 4 megs of ram and every time I try to run a program
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allocation error or a memory error.  What is this and how can I solve it?
Thanx  in advance.  COULD YOU SEND RESPONCES VIA E-MAIL PLEASE. Thanx again.



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