How to export a software

How to export a software

Post by wook » Thu, 07 Aug 2003 05:08:28

I am thinking of exporting a software to Asia, do anyone know what's
the best way to do that? Are there consulting firms or software agents
out there that are specify in software exporting?

1. Will Software Development be the Next Manufacturing Operation to be Exported from the U.S.?

Over the last twenty or so years, Americans have seen the bulk of their
manufacturing base exported to other countries.  Where and whenever
possible, executives have moved manufacturing operations overseas in
search of cheap labor, and higher profit margins; so, that they can
finagle even larger compensation packages and parachutes.  

Has anyone noticed that the level of crime has also risen steadily over
the last twenty years?  Does anyone doubt that lack of good paying jobs
and increased crime go hand-in-hand?  

We are rapidly approaching a society of "haves" and "haves not."
Currently, anyone with the talent, education, and skill to develop
software is a "have;" however, as these good paying jobs get exported
overseas over the next decade or so, software developers will find
themselves in the same position as the well-compensated, manufacturing,
employees of the industrial age; namely, too many bills, and not enough
income (i.e., primed for a drug/alcohol addiction and other societal

With this said, does anyone doubt that, when possible, greedy, clueless,
corporate executives will export the software development base?  When
this time comes, how will the practitioners of this profession handle
this shift in employment?   Will software developers become the next
victim of short-term-oriented, corporate strategies?  My inquiring mind
would like to know!


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