Job Visa IT ERP

Job Visa IT ERP

Post by Hell » Sat, 02 Aug 2003 18:08:21

About me:-
1. Presently I am an Indian Housewife with a Child(son). My husband
works in a Government Organisation.
2. I am an Engineer with post graduation from IIT, Kanpur(the best
Institute in India). My husband is also a Civil Engineer with
specialisation on Environmental Isues.
3. I have worked for an ERP company as a developer in VC++. I am
currently working as a Module leader in another ERP company. I have
also taught for sometime in Software Teaching Institute.
4. I have a very good functional knowledge of Manufacturing,
Inventory, etc.
5. I know coding in Microsoft technologies(VB, ASP, VC, SQl). All
windows OS. I also know HTML, Java and Java Scripting.

Question:- I wish to come abroad for a short duration for the purpose
of making money. What should I look for? What all can I expect and so
Any sort of infomation of the present situation is welcome.

Thank you in Advance for answering my Queries.


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 I live in the boston area. I have been doing C++ for 7 years, have a
BS degree
in Comp Sci, have some experience with Java, a little SQL (not much)
and 15 years computer programming experience. What might I think my
prospects are in this economy. Any good newsgroups/websites to get
good info on hi tech job market across the country ? What about places
for ideas on career changes food for thought down that road ?


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