ADV: CAPBAK/Web + eValid - A New Approach to WebSite Quality Testing

ADV: CAPBAK/Web + eValid - A New Approach to WebSite Quality Testing

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We are proud to introduce the software quality and test community to
CAPBAK/Web and eValid -- a new, breakthrough website test tool and test
service offering.

  * CAPBAK/Web(tm): Our test enabled web browser based on IE 4.n and 5.n,
    supports Object Mode and True-Time Mode test recording and playback.
    Tests are expressed in "C" based scripts as you surf the web. There are
    wizards to create tests, full playback synchronization, and a high
    resolution timer.  You can play back multiple tests in parallel to
    generate heavy loads.  Plus, CAPBAK/Web's unique "Validate Selected Text"
    feature supports very-detailed E-Commerce content verification and

    Tests you record or create and run with CAPBAK/Web are 100% from the
    user's perspective -- the way webmasters want tests to be -- run entirely
    from a real browser under real conditions.

    We think CAPBAK/Web will revolutionize website testing: tests are simpler,
    more realistic, totally Object Oriented, and completely Web savvy.

    Take a tour of CAPBAK/Web at:

    Download the CAPBAK/Web and SMARTS products from our WebSite at:

    and then request an access key to try this new approach.

  * eValid(tm): Our 24x7 Test Services Product based on applying CAPBAK/Web
    from our laboratory.  eValid monitoring tests are run in multiple time
    zones 24x7 at intervals as short as 15 minutes. All tests are made from
    a browser using a dialup connection -- the measurements and validation
    checks are done the same way customers see your site.  eValid's test
    results are inherently realistic and extremely powerful.

    eValid Test Service available today include:
      <> BenchMark Testing:  Do selected URLS download completely within
         specified upper response time limits?
      <> Security Testing:  Does your site's user login area work reliably?
      <> Transaction Testing: Do e-commerce transactions on your website
         generate the correct response key?
      <> SpotCheck Testing:  Do specified contents in selected pages on your
         site check out?

    To learn more about eValid go to:

  * Technology: Read the white paper on WebSite Testing found at:

    For the full story on our E-Commerce Solution see:

We are confident that our new WebSite Testing Technology will help make your
quality checking work simpler, faster, and more effective.  


1. ADV: CAPBAK/Web New Release -- New Approach to WebSite Quality Testing

We are proud to announce availability of a new version of CAPBAK/Web, our test
enabled web browser.

*  The 24 Nov 99 build of CAPBAK/Web includes:

       > Multiple-window recording and playback capability
       > Pause/Resume Mode and SingleStep control of playback to simplify
         script editing
       > On-Screen icons indicate operating mode (Browse, Recording, Playing,
         Paused, etc.)
       > Frames supported EVERYWHERE -- including in the test wizards and in
         all validation functions
       > New follow-Link processing now includes intrinsic validation of both
         the active text and the underlying URL
       > Extended validation features, including selected image, document
         size, elements, last modified date, etc.
       > New Validate All Applets feature
       > Link Wizard now includes all HREFs specified in MAPS
       > Error handling and syntax enforcing included
       > In place editing of keysave files (recordings)

   You can download a copy of CAPBAK/Web's 24 Nov 99 release from:

*  CAPBAK/Web technology is applied to websites in our eValid(tm) brand name
   test services offering.  If you are a website manager and wish to have
   complete assurance about the quality, content, response time, and
   operational status of your website you may want to subscribe to eValid

   A summary (and links to the individual eValid service offerings) is
   available at:

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