pt job

pt job

Post by Lapto » Sun, 10 Aug 2003 11:01:41

I am looking for some part time consulting job. I have a full time job and I
am looking to make some additional money.

I am a pc tech.


1. C code to convert DEC floating pt to IEEE floating pt

We're interested in some C code to convert DEC floating pt (VAX & PDP)
to IEEE floating point format (PCes).

I've ran across a solution in Ada on the DECUS (FLOTFLOT.ADA;1)
for doing this.  I also ran across a partial solution in Fortran
([DECUS]AAAREADME.92A_VAX;2) for doing some of this.  I also know
about the 1991 VAX Professional article.

I would rather not convert these solutions to C if someone has
already done so.  :-)  Please direct me to some C sources.

I've looked on for some of this code, but I've
been unable to figure out which files--if any--would have this.

Thanks for your help.
 /\ Mark M Mehl, alias Superticker (Supertickler to some)

 \/ Preferred UUCP: uunet!!mehl
Disclaimer: You got to be kidding; who would want to claim anything I said?

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