CFP: Software Engineering: Education & Practice (SE:E&P'96)

CFP: Software Engineering: Education & Practice (SE:E&P'96)

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          2nd Announcement and Invitation to Participate

            Software Engineering: Education & Practice


                       University of Otago
                       Dunedin, New Zealand

                        24-27 January 1996

 This working conference is intended as a forum for discussion of
 new and emerging approaches to software engineering and how best
 to impart the knowledge of software engineering principles to
 students and existing practitioners.  It provides an opportunity
 for exchanges of ideas and to report on achievements by experts
 active in the field.  The proceedings from the conference will be
 published by IEEE Computer Society Press.

 - Formal and informal software engineering approaches and tools
 - CASE tool usage and  its place in the education environment
 - New modelling paradigms for systems and software
 - Distributed and multi-agent systems across the network
 - Curriculum design and reviews of delivery methods/approaches

 Workshop sessions will be held to discuss Conference themes, as
 well as wider issues in software engineering.  The Conference
 Programme Committee is open to new ideas and points of view and
 invites the submission of proposals for additional topics to be
 discussed at these sessions.  These proposals may be submitted by
 email or facsimile to the SE:E&P'96 Conference Secretariat.  The
 workshops will be part of the regular conference program, but the
 number of participants for some workshop sessions may be limited
 to facilitate interactive discussion.  Applicants with appropriate
 expertise and interest may write to the Conference Secretariat to
 participate in these sessions without submitting a paper.  The
 intention is for the workshops to produce substantive conclusions
 concerning the issues of the respective topic areas.  Summaries of
 the discussions will be included as part of the SE:E&P'96
 Conference Proceedings published after the close of the

 Deadline for submission of papers:             1 August   1995
 Notification of acceptance:                    1 October  1995
 Full versions of accepted papers due:          8 December 1995

 The University of Otago. New Zealand's oldest university, is
 located in the picturesque city of Dunedin, which offers a range
 sightseeing opportunities.  Visitors to the Conference may also
 wish to take advantage of the nearby Central Otago Lakes region,
 which includes the picturesque city of Queenstown, or visit
 Milford Sound in Fiordland National Park.  The SE:E&P'96
 Conference Secretariat can assist in coordinating such additional
 travel arrangements.

 A reception welcoming participants to the conference will begin at
 7 pm on Tuesday 23 January, at St. Margaret's College, offering
 cocktails and a buffet-style light meal.  The Conference Dinner
 (included in the full conference registration fee) will be held on
 Wednesday evening at St. Margaret's College.  Conference
 Excursions on the spectacular Taieri Gorge Railway (Thursday
 afternoon) and an Otago harbour cruise that includes a visit to
 the world-famous Royal Albatross colony at Taiaroa Head (Friday
 evening) will present unique scenic opportunities to conference

 Papers must be received by 1 August 1995.  They should be written
 in English and printed in Times or similar font.  Camera-ready
 versions of accepted papers are due on 8 December 1995.  They will
 need to be formatted according to the publisher's instructions and
 should be no more than 8 pages (10 point font, double-column
 format).  One author of each paper is expected to present the
 paper at the conference.

 Professor Larry Constantine (University of Technology Sydney)

 Prof. M. Apperley (NZ), Dr. B. Bruegge (USA), Prof. B. Cox (NZ),
 Dr.  R. Coyne (USA), Dr. S. Cranefield (NZ), Dr. J. Diaz-H errera
 (USA), Dr. P. Firns (NZ), Dr. P.  Gorman (NZ), Dr. G. Kennedy
 (NZ), Dr. S.  MacDonnell (NZ), Prof. J. Hughes (AUS), Prof. G.
 Lowry (AUS), Prof. K.  Matsumoto (Japan), Prof. G. Mohay (AUS),
 Dr. M. Purvis (NZ), Dr. S.  Reeves (NZ), Prof. G. Roy (AUS), Prof.
 P. Sallis (NZ), Prof. K. van Katwijk (Netherlands).

 Chair:     Martin Purvis (NZ)          SE:E&P'96
 Co-Chairs: Bernd Bruegge (USA)         Information Science Dept.
            John Hughes (Australia)     University of Otago
            Philip Sallis (NZ)          Dunedin, New Zealand
                                        Phone:  +64-3-479-8180
JOINT SPONSORS                          Fax:    +64-3-479-8311
 NZCS, ACS                              E-mail:

 Accommodation is available at St. Margaret's College conference
 facility, close to the conference venue on the University of Otago
 campus.  The college has recreation facilities, a reading library,
 and computers with e-mail connections. It will also be the
 location of some of the conference social activities.  The room
 rate of NZ$ 50.00 per night includes breakfast, and bookings are
 also available for several days before or after the conference.

 A range of hotels in downtown Dunedin within 10 minutes of the
 University of Otago campus at specially discounted prices is also
 available.  Additional details concerning accommodation may be
 obtained by contacting the SE:E&P'96 Conference Secretariat.

                    Conference Programme

Tue, 23 Jan    7:00 - 10:00 Reception (Cocktails and Buffet)

Wed, 24 Jan    9:00 -  9:30 Registration and coffee
               9:30 -  9:45 Welcome and opening
               9:45 - 10:45 Session 1: Invited presentations
              10:45 - 11:15 Tea Break
              11:15 - 12:30 Session 2 papers
              12:30 -  2:00 Lunch
               2:00 -  3:15 Session 3 papers
               3:15 -  3:45 Tea Break
               3:45 -  6:00 Discussions
               7:00 -       Conference Dinner  

Thu, 25 Jan    9:00 - 10:15 Session 4 papers
              10:15 - 10:45 Tea Break
              10:45 - 12:30 Session 5 papers
              12:30 -  2:00 Lunch
               2:30 -  7:30 Conference Excursion (Taieri Gorge)

Fri, 26 Jan    9:00 - 10:15 Session 6 papers
              10:15 - 10:45 Tea Break
              10:45 - 12:00 Session 7 papers
              12:00 -  1:30 Lunch
               1:30 -  2:45 Session 8 papers
               2:45 -  3:15 Tea Break
               3:15 -  5:30 Discussions

Sat, 27 Jan    9:00 - 10:15 Session 9 papers
              10:15 - 10:45 Tea Break
              10:45 - 12:00 Discussion reports & closing
              12:00 -  1:30 Lunch

              SE:E&P'96    Advance Registration Form

City:______________________________________ Country:_____________
Telephone: (____)________ Fax: (____)_________ Email:____________
 |_| I intend to present a paper at the Conference.
      (Title of paper:__________________________________________)
 |_| I wish to participate in the workshop sessions
      (Please indicate suggested topics).
 |_| Please send me  St. Margaret's College accommodation information.
 |_| Please send me hotel/motel accommodation information.

 Full registration
  (includes Proceedings, Conference Dinner, and lunches)
  Payment received before 8 December 1995       $425    $____________
  Payment received after  8 December 1995       $495    $____________
 Student registration (sessions only)           $ 95    $____________

 Accommodation St. Margaret's College
  (single room, breakfast included)
  Arrival Date:  _________  Arrival Time:   _________
  Departure Date:_________  Departure Time: _________
   ____ nights at $50/night:                            $____________

 Social Functions
  Conference  Excursions (includes dinner)
    Taieri Gorge Train Trip (25 January 1995)
      ____ tickets at $55/ticket:                       $____________
    Otago Harbour Cruise  (26 January 1995)  
      ____ tickets at $60/ticket:                       $____________

  Conference Dinner
   (included in registration fee for participants)
   ____ tickets for accompanying persons at $40/ticket: $____________

                                              TOTAL     $ ___________

Payment of registration fees should be made by cheque or money order
in New Zealand dollars, payable to the University of Otago.  A
refund, less an administration charge of $50, will be made on
cancellation of any booking provided it is received by 8 December
1995.  Thereafter the full amount paid will be forfeited.

 I enclose a cheque for ______________________________
  payable to the University of Otago for $ ___________

 If you wish to pay by credit card, please complete the following:
      Visa ____  MasterCard ____ Expiration Date:______/______/______
      Print name (exactly as shown on card)__________________________
      Card Number:___________________________________________________
  Cardholder's signature:_________________________  Date: ___________

Please mail a copy of this completed form to:      

  Information Science Department
  University of Otago
  P.O. Box 56
  New Zealand


1. SE:E&P'96 -- Software Engineering: Education & Practice

            Software Engineering: Education & Practice

                       University of Otago
                       Dunedin, New Zealand
                        23-27 January 1996

The Conference will provide a forum for discussion and exchanges
of ideas concerning new and emerging approaches to software
engineering, covering such topics as
 - Formal and informal software engineering approaches and tools
 - CASE tool usage and  its place in the education environment
 - New modelling paradigms for systems and software
 - Distributed and multi-agent systems across the network
 - Curriculum design and reviews of delivery methods/approaches

The keynote address by Larry Constantine will be on "Engineering
Software for Use: New Models, Metrics, and Methods".

 Workshop sessions will be held to discuss these themes, as well as
 wider issues in software engineering.  Applicants with appropriate
 expertise and interest are invited to suggest specific topics and
 may volunteer to lead appropriate discussion groups.

 Tutorials on 23 January will provide hands-on instruction
 concerning the latest multimedia presentation and group
 collaboration tools.  They will be conducted by Bernd Bruegge
 from Carnegie Mellon University and an international expert in
 innovative approaches to software engineering.
 Class enrolment will be limited to 20.

 A: Using Multimedia Tools for Software Engineering Projects.

    Includes: building rapid prototypes with multimedia tools;
    building a project home page with WWW tools; using applets
    and Netscape 2.0

 B: Using Lotus Notes Groupware in Software Engineering Projects.

    Includes: a broad overview of Lotus Notes features and
    capabilities, the basics of Notes setup and administration,
    and a foray into Notes database design.

 Regular                 NZ$ 425.00     SE:E&P'96
 Students (full time)    NZ$  95.00     Information Science Dept.
 Tutorials (each)        NZ$ 275.00     University of Otago
 (A late registration charge of 20%     Dunedin, New Zealand
 will apply for registration            Phone:  +64-3-479-8180
 packets posted to the Conference       Fax:    +64-3-479-8311


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6. CFP (1st) ECBS '96, Engineering of Computer Based Systems

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10. CFP: SRIG-ET'94 -- Software Engineering Education

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12. ECOOP'96 Workshop on "OO in Industrial Practice - Opportunities, Pitfalls and Experiences"