Formal methods and OMT/UML

Formal methods and OMT/UML

Post by Linus Than » Wed, 25 Apr 2001 10:06:22

Could someone please tell me, in the context of software engineering
methods, how formal methods (like B and Z) relate to object oriented
analysis and design methods (like OMT and UML).

Are they used for the same things?
Can you mix them in a software project with good results?
I'm a bit confused, maybe someone's got a good reference
that will clear things up?

Kind regards,
 Linus Thand


1. Relation between formal and informal methods

I am currently investigating the relationship between some classical methods of
software development and formal methods.

Can anyone give me some information on work done to date which tries to
relate the methods of Structured Analysis and Structured Design (i.e.
data flow diagrams, data structure diagrams, entity relationship diagrams,
state transition diagrams and structure charts) to any formal methods which
are currently in vogue (Z, VDM ...).

Thanks in advance.


   Dave Chalmers


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