optical media on DEC OSs

optical media on DEC OSs

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   Wondering about VMS/ULTRIX/Digital UNIX's ability to deal with optical

   Can VMS/ULTRIX/Digital UNIX read ISO 9660 formatted CD-ROMs? Level 1? Level

   How about the RockRidge extension? The Joliet extension? Any other
extensions to ISO 9660?

   Can VMS/ULTRIX/Digital UNIX read audio CDs and consumer DVDs?

   How about CD-i, Video CD, Enhanced CD, or PhotoDisk? Any other multi-media

   Is there any software that runs on VMS/ULTRIX/Digital UNIX for writing ISO
9660 CD-ROMs? Which variations?

   Is there any software that runs on VMS/ULTRIX/Digital UNIX for mastering and
writing audio, video, or other multi-media consumer formats?

   Can VMS/ULTRIX/Digital UNIX support the serving of music, video, and other
media over the Internet from a CD or CD-ROM "juke box"?




1. the basics on DEC OSs

   Hi. Looking for the basic information on VMS, OpenVMS, ULTRIX, Digital UNIX,
and other DEC OSs:

   URLs for official web site(s).

   URLs for FAQs.

   URLs for user groups.

   Any other related useful URLs or references.

   Thanks much!

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