Altra Announces Micropoint Mouse Alternative Release, Kiss your Mouse Good-bye

Altra Announces Micropoint Mouse Alternative Release, Kiss your Mouse Good-bye

Post by Sandra Canno » Fri, 25 Jul 1997 04:00:00
Press Release (Be sure to enter the contest when you visit, one
Micropoint given away weekly)


Altra Set to Release MicroPoint? Series
of MicroPad Controllers

RAWLINS, WY -- Altra, pioneer of intelligent mouse drivers in the 80s,
is announcing the MicroPoint Series of MicroPad controllers for PC and
Mac users. The new pointing device utilizes patented, breakthrough
firmware and intelligent software to dramatically improve precision and
increase cursor smoothness. The MicroPoint series will be available in
Weve been able to develop superior intelligent mouse software
that gives the user more one-click shortcuts and advanced utility
functions, said Sabin Larsen, Altra vice president of marketing. In
addition, our advanced tracking algorithm dramatically improves
precision and sensitivity available to users.
The MicroPoint series improves performance and speed in all
applications, including navigating on the Internet, scrolling and
highlighting, and editing graphic images.
This unit represents the next generation in pointing devices,
combining the comfort of the mouse, the stationary aspect of the
trackball, and the intuitiveness of the touchpad or touchscreen,
Larsen said.
Altras intelligent software package, AltraPoint, automates
common tasks and provides one-click shortcuts to speed the work process
and reduce repetitive motion. AltraPoint gives the user more control
over the desktop with features such as Window Manager, Button Manager
and Precision Window.
Window Manager turns the four corners of the screen into
instant-access control points. By pointing to a screen corner it is
possible to automatically open, close or switch between active windows,
perform document editing functions, jump to default buttons, or execute
virtually limitless personalized macros.
Button Manager allows each button on the MicroPoint to be
programmed to automatically perform preset tasks -- from automatically
double-clicking to keyboard command sequences.
For pixel-to-pixel precision, AltraPoint software includes a
Precision Window that enables users to map the full travel area of the
handle to a smaller (user-definable) area of the screen. This is ideal
when the user requires more control in a particular section. Precision
Windows can be opened in sizes from 4 inches down to 1 inch.
For more information about Altra contact Sabin Larsen at (800)
726-6153 or fax (307) 328-1346. Altra is located at 520 W. Cedar
Street, Rawlins WY 82301 and can be found on the Internet at

Be sure to enter the contest while you are there. One Micropoint given
away weekly.

Best Reagards,
Sandra Cannon


1. Micropoint precision mouse alternative launches a new site


Altra Launches a brand new Site today at
promoting their Micropoint Mouse Alternative. The new Micropoint is a
precise pointing device that replaces the Mouse. Along with being a
superior pointing device, it also helps individuals suffering from
Tunnel Syndrome and injuries resulting from repetitive mouse movement.
Micropoint is a great alternative for anyone who relies on their mouse.

Please have a look at the brand new Site and while you are there, enter
contest and register to win a Micropoint.

Best Regards,
Sandra Cannon

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