Family need help, please respond soon...

Family need help, please respond soon...

Post by Ken Zboya » Tue, 11 Dec 2001 21:47:46

>      Hello,   it is the time for the season, only it just isn't Christmas
> time at my house anymore.  I am a full time student at a local University
> and I am the mother of three son's.  One 15 and ?  and the other is 12 and I
> also have one that is 1 year old December 30, 2001.  I have come out of a
> very abusive marriage after 14 years and am still trying to pull my self and
> my family together.  Only, it seems that me and  my children are going to
> have to go through another Christmas with out being able to have anything.
> The only thing I know to do is to write everyone possible and more or less
> beg for money from strangers since I have no family to help me out.  We are
> living in public housing since I am going to school full time, we only have
> a light bill to worry about, so I found part time work at McDonald's this
> past month to help pay for our lights and to buy diapers, and to pay my much
> needed phone bill.  The only thing I know to do, like I said is to get on
> here and beg strangers for help because I am so tired of seeing every one
> buying special gifts for their children, and I can't even afford to buy my
> son's a card!!!  I am only surviving and try to go to school to make a
> better life for all of us.Please, I pray that someone will read this and
> feel some much needed mercy for me and for my family.  Please send your
> charity dollars to:

> Sindy Jimenez
> 1925 B. Erbach Street
> Conway, Arkansas 72032

> Send a check or money order to ensure that any charity gift sent to me and
> my family arrives safely.  Again, may God bless any one who reads this
> letter and takes it to heart.  Believe me, I am going to pray  to heavenly
> father that someone out there does!!!  Again, thank anyone who can help
> me..I pray that we do not have to go another Christmas without me being able
> to buy my children something!!!  God Bless anyone who reads this and truly
> responds.

> --
> Esli and Sindy Jimenez are here to wish
>         everyone a happy christmas and also
>         a happy new year!!!!


    Help me to understand:  You have a computer and internet access, but DO NOT
have enough money to buy your children a gift or pay your bills????  If you are
TRULY working to educate yourself so that you will be able to better provide for
your family in the future, you should be commended.  But there are plenty of
people who are also doing what you are doing and they take as many jobs as
needed to provide for their family.  Merry Christmas.


I intend to live forever......So far, so good.


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