Generic Event Dispatching with ACE

Generic Event Dispatching with ACE

Post by Tomer S » Thu, 22 May 2003 05:08:47

I've been recently searching for a framework that will allow me to
dispatch generic events in a producer / consumer like environment,
something very similar to CORBA's Event Service. By generic I mean
events that might contain properiatry data (such as integers, strings,

Using CORBA just for event dispatching seems like an over-kill to my

I thought about using ACE for the job. However, I found out that the
great event dispatching mechanism in ACE only supports I/O related
events such as handle_input(), handle_output(), etc.

ACE does support the passing of messages between two tasks - but the
sending task needs to be aware of the receiving task - which is a very
bad practice.

Since I'm quite new to ACE, I wondered if anyone else has done
something like that with ACE. Are there any classes in ACE that will
help me implement this event dispatcher?



1. Generic Event Dispatching with ACE

Hi Tomer,

Check out

1. The ACE Gateway, which is described in our paper at

   and is available in


   Many of the patterns in POSA2 <>
   also describe various aspects of the Gateway example.

2. The ACE Event Server, which is describe in our paper at

   and is available in


Take care,

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