9 gb disk on alpha 3000

9 gb disk on alpha 3000

Post by bnl » Thu, 06 Jun 1996 04:00:00

does anyone know if i can and how you format a 9gb disk on a alpha 3000 mod
I know on some SGI and SUN systems you can not fromat a 9 gb disk because it
take to long and the fromat program times out.

thanks in advance


1. 9 GB disks on DEC 3000 workstations?


   I've need to up the storage capacity on my DEC 3000 Alpha workstation.
I'd like to put a 9 GB SCSI disk in it, but I can't get a real answer
out of Digital as to whether the computer and VMS support this size disk.  

   Has anyone out there put such a thing in such a workstation?  It seems
to me that Digital is still a step behind the times when it comes to
peripherals (hard disks, CD ROM support, etc).

John Krist

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